Are you in Andorra? Are you looking for some activities? Contact Ecomoute and discover the country in a sustainable way with an electric motorbike. What would you like to do? Maybe visiting Romanic churches and villages, then you can rent one of our 125 moped. If you rather love speedy bikes and have the license to drive big bikes, do not hesitate, rent an Energica the best in electric bikes, with it you can ride along the country’s mountain passes, you will certainly be fascinated. Or, maybe you have come to enjoy the mountain and nature, we also have what you need in this case, rent an UBCO or a Surron and ride everywhere. Which is your option? It can be anyone, we will bring it wherever you are! Contact us and book your electric bike.

*Amb llicència de motocicleta, carnet A o carnet de cotxe.
* Con licencia de motocicleta, carnet A o carnet de coche.
* Check with us your driving license.

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